Raymond Warrilow.
Publication date: February 2007
(Revised edition 2012)

For fifteen years Timothy Freeman had been part of a five-man assassination team. He had travelled all over the world and killed many enemies of the state. He is shocked when MI5 orders his team to assassinate Princess Diana. To the other members of the team, who are all ex-SAS soldiers, it is just a job, but the celebrity status of the target begins to play on Timothy’s mind. Part of him wants to get his last operation over with and join civvy street, but the conscience (he did not know he had) keeps whispering that it is wrong to kill such a beautiful, decent woman.

Victoria Dixon’s world falls apart when she discovers that the man she loves is an assassin and plans to kill the most loved woman in the world. Victoria regards Princess Diana as a good person and felt compelled to help her, but what could she do? If she tells the police she would be putting her life in danger and would risk losing the man she loves. But if Timothy did kill Princess Diana, how could she live with a murderer?